Wedding and Honeymoon Information

ROMANTIC , PRIVATE. AND INTIMATE… Imagine a dream house hidden within a tropical garden. Imagine walking down the beach, barefoot, surrounded by arches of Bougainvillea... The turquoise water of the Indian Ocean in front of you...And there... impatient, under a palm leaves chapel is your Groom! Few guests... maybe none… The melody of a violin and some drums…

The possibilities are endless: a Romantic sunset Dhow cruise with a Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Set-up on the Beach, the Deck Terrace overlooking the ocean or by the pool. For more information kindly contact our Head office whom would be overjoyed to assist you in creating your magical day.

Wedding on the Beach Shore… OUR BASIC SERVICE that can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

Arranging Service: Priest and his transport
Marriage Certificate
Local Flowers Decoration of the Villa
Makuti and Flower Chapel
Local Zanzibar Flowers Bouquet
Coconut Shell Ring Holders
Wedding Cake
Champagne, Moet & Chandon 75cl (1 bottle every 4 guests)
Twilight Cocktails on the beach